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大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第1篇

It’s very hard for college graduates to find a job, of course harder to get an ideal job. In fact, many factors contribute to the unfavorable situation。

First, more and more students can go to college because of the being fast improved high education of China. As a result, there are more graduates every year. However, job vacancies don’t increase that fast. More people, less food, which is the exact description of the hard condition. Second, more and more people go on to pursue their master and doctor degree; more and more Chinese oversea students come back to China to hunt better working chances. It is sure that the competition is more and more fierce. Third, because of the fast development of science, technology, economy, society and the interchange of different nations, all units have higher requirement of their employees, for example, stronger ability and higher degree。

In addition to the factors above, there are still more which bring hardship for graduates to find jobs. Nevertheless, how to solve the problem is more important. It is a good idea for the graduates to learn more knowledge with a higher degree and to practice and improve their capability of dealing with all kinds of situation, organization, having good terms with others and cooperative spirit. Besides, the government should try to and encourage all units to create more job vacancies for the college graduates. Of course, the graduates should have a proper attitude towards various jobs, but not always pursue those with higher payment。





大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第2篇

I have a very pretty rabbit. Its name is Koukou. Koukou is very fat. She wears white coat. She has two red eyes. They look like two red diamonds. She has long can run and jump. She likes eat carrots. She lives in the kitchen. My rabbit is very smart. I often playing with KouKou .

I like rabbit— you like her?



大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第3篇

From 2005 to 2008, I spent my college life in Hunan First Normal College. Reminding my college life, I think it was of great significance.


When I was in college, I studied very hard. As a major of English, I often practiced my oral English. Every time, I could think in English. After thinking and expressed my thoughts to others in English. Although sometimes I couldn't speak English so freely, other people still appreciated me, because of my confidence.

我在大学的时候,很努力学习。因为是英语专业,我经常联系英语口语。 每一次,我能用英语的.方式来思考。在思考之后我会把我的想法用英语表达给其他人。虽然有时我英语说得不是很流利,其他人还是很欣赏我,因为我的信心。

In English class, I was always the first one to open my mouth, so my teachers always praised me for my good pronunciation, and my classmates also admired me for my courage. It seemed as if I were on top of the world.


However, I have few chances to speak English now, because my job has nothing to do with English. What a great pity! How I wish to work with foreigners, so that I can use my great English.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第4篇


Everyone has only one day of their own, it is your birthday.


Birthday is very important, mom and dad will buy a cake, gifts or new clothes. My birthday is coming, today is my birthday.


My mother took me to buy new clothes, I picked up a piece, I wear this dress, but handsome, like a handsome boy. Also bought a lot of delicious dishes, frogs, fish, pork, vegetables, spareribs with brown sauce...... Basically all meat dishes.


At night, we had dinner, enjoy the delicious cake, open the cake box, the cake is big and beautiful, the first birthday candles, to sing the birthday song, brothers and sisters also bought me some presents and said: _Happy birthday, my brother._ I made a wish, to eat the cake, everyone's face with a smile, everyone's face cream, we are very happy!


On this day we should be happy, we should cherish the good times of the day.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第5篇



I have an English name is two years body is very mouth is two eyes are has two small four legs are very tail is thin and runs likes like to play with my good friend.

大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第6篇

I have a good math is . How much I like him!

I think he is very smart and I have some problem that I cant solve,he always helps me. I know that it is not easy for him to teach us such a difficult Id try to learn it well.

Thank you,Mr Wu!




大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第7篇

In recent years, college students find it increasingly difficult to get a job. It sounds strange since young college students are usually intelligent, well-educated and eager to bring their talent into full play. Then what underlies the strange phenomenon?

There are several reasons for this. To begin with, nowadays college students aim too high. All they want are good jobs which could offer good salary, comfortable working conditions, high social status among others. Consequently, most college students are unwilling to accept vacant jobs they consider not good enough. Another reason is that there is a big gap between the majors some students study in school and the demands of vacant jobs. So companies think some students are not fit for the jobs.

Solution to the problem requires efforts on both the society and the students. The companies should value the students, talent and knowledge while the latter should not merely aim at material gains. They should be down-toearth in building up their career. Furthermore, they should face their weak points so as to improve themselves and be more competent.





大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第8篇

How time flies! My first term in the University elapses quickly and imperceptibly. During this time, there are many meaningful things that impress me deeply.


At the beginning of the first term, it was fortunate for me to be admitted into the school art association. In this group, I meet many interesting classmates and make friends with them. Our school wants to popularize art among the students, so there will be some art shows in the theater. It is time that we should do something. Moving props is my main work. Although sometimes it makes me feel tired and exhausted, I am still very happy to do this. By the way, I have watched many large performing teams, like NTCC and The Central Opera House. Their performances were so wonderful and impressive.


I also took part in some class activities. I could remember that I went to Aliyun Company as a volunteer. There was a big meeting held by this company. So our duty was to keep order. During the meeting I met many CEO's and CTO’s. Their speeches were so interesting though I did not know what they said at times.


In a summary, I have spent a very fulfilling and significant time in last term. I also have learned a lot from the teachers and classmates. It is a good chance to improve my skills and widen my horizons. I should still work hard in next term.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第9篇

Hello,my name is am going to row aboat and climb am going to swim and take am going tosing and dance.

what about you?




大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第10篇

It is necessary to keep abalanced diet if you wantto keep 'dbetter eat enoughvegatables which containrich vitamin, proper meatis needed,too. Avoid friedor toasted isimportant to do regularexercises, such asrunning or playingbadminton. Keeping highmood is good formentally health. Weshould renew our spiritsand release our stress,so that we can have agood attitude towardslife. To enjoy ourbeautiful life, we mustbe bound to keep healthy.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第11篇



I have an English dog. Its name is Laike. It's two years old. It's grey. Its body is very long. Its mouth is white. Its two eyes are blue. It has two small ears. Its four legs are very long. Its tail is thin and long. It runs fast. It likes meat. I like to play with it. It's my good friend.

大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第12篇

You may feel that college life is boring. We do not know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I think the college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful.

In your spare time, you could play basketball, football and so on. Doing sports is very interesting and good for your health.

In fact, you can do anything which you are interested not be are friends.

Studying in college is a brand new start of our can continue to study hard for the better scords. Libary is a good place for students to study in. If you want to show your talents and skills you can join in all kinds of activities.

In a word,college life is wonderful!






大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第13篇

Stress is a state ofbeing upset that happens when we are under pressure We can even get emotionally and physically sick if we have too much stress for too long For instance, it can come from fights with other people It can also come when we do not have enough money to pay for what we want There are good ways and bad ways to do so Good ways to cut down on stress include changing our lifestyles We can decide what to do now, what to do later, and what to leave off doing forever.

We should not deal with stress in bad ways because bad ways to cut down on stress just lead to more troubles, for example, skipping out and leaving our work undone, blaming our problems on someone else, stealing or cheating.



大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第14篇

Nowadays, the problem of college students' employment becoming more and more serious. About a decade ago, university students could find satisfactory and enviable jobs after graduation, while at current situation, about 30% of graduate students can’t find a job but stay at home after graduation.

Employment difficulty of college students is due to the following reasons. Among these, the increasing recruitment of colleges and universities plays a vital role. In addition, many colleges and universities fail to adapt their courses to the development of economy.

Considering such a rough job market, I think it is high time that we took effective measures to solve the problem. Above all, college students should realize their own defects and further improve themselves to keep their competitive edge in society.

Moreover, colleges or universities should provide more trainings and internship opportunities before the students enter the society. Besides, college students should hold a right attitude towards jobs and set their job expectations at a suitable level.

Only through these ways can the college students find a satisfactory job and have a brighter future.







Today's college students face choices unheard of years ago. Terms like two way selection, self-employment are not new to them. Many students swarm into job market or look every talent fair for potential employers. The concept of selling oneself rather than hiding oneself is well accepted by students.

Hunting a job is no small matter. Instead, it is probably one of the most, if not the most, important decisions any of would-be graduates can make in a lifetime. Therefore, they are very serious and cautious when that time comes. It is something that the society has taught them.

As the job market gets shrinking, it has also become a must for undergraduates to work harder than before to keep their competitive edge . More students are engaged in their studies with no distractions . They are investing today for a promising tomorrow.

大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第15篇

Miss Wang is my English looks very about thirty years old,she has long hair,two big eyes and small is funny , but she is strict with wants us to study hard,Her lessons are are very happy in her class and we all like her is a good teacher,we all like her.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第16篇

Guangzhou is the capital of guangdong. It is the biggest city in south china. And it is one of the most important cities in guangdong.

The population of guangzhou is more than 700 million. Just like many cities,there are a lot of cars,buses and trucks. So the air in the city is not clean. Guangzhou is a noisy and crowded city. But i like it best. Because guangzhou is my home.



大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第17篇

University, where many senior students yearn for. College life, every high school student is dreaming of something to experience. At least I was at that time. But, to tell you the truth, University is just a beautiful imagination for me at that time, but how on earth is it? I think I have a certain understanding of him now.

The sky is just bright, you can see the campus people read foreign language in the shade, the kind of attentive, let pedestrians lightly steps, for fear of disturbing them. Find a seat to sit down, took out the textbook, a day of college life began.

The road pedestrian gradually more, broke the quiet campus, nearly time for class, and students chatting game last night, walking to the classroom. The classroom was soon lost to the teacher's lecture to the wonderful thoughts, follow the teacher in the dust, the old professor face was youth brilliance.

Afternoon after school time is the most unforgettable, this is their own can be allocated time, can go to the Internet, dating, dinner, and so on, but also various activities organized by the time, from the sports hall came the sound of applause, a group of students playing football on the football field, there are a few small girls shouting refueling......

I have been in College for two years without knowing it. In recent two years, there are all kinds of ups and downs. Anyway, we are growing up day by day, moving forward step by step towards our dreams.

In the end, I can also say: my college life is really wonderful.







大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第18篇

Last week,my father took me to the swimming pool,he told me that I should learn to swimming,so that I could protect myself when I meet the emergent situation.

I was so afraid of the water at the beginning,my father asked to be brave,I tried to go into the water many times,finally I made it.

It is a good try for me,I believe I can swim soon.




大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第19篇

As a child, when people give me the things to play or eat, I will be very happy and then accept them. But recently, as there are so much news about the children being cheated, my mother starts to worry about me, she tells me that I should not accept the strangers’ things, or I will be hurt. I listen to her words and I take care of myself carefully.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第20篇

As we know, many people favor the idea that the college life is free and comfortable, but I’d like to say it’s not true. As a matter of fact, my life in university is so busy that I wonder if my energy is enough. As to my college life, I divide it into four parts, including study, student activities, library and the others.


Firstly, I want to talk about the study. In my opinion, study is the priority in college. When I received the letter of admission in summer, I knew clearly that what I should do. So I make up my mind to study hard and pursue learning as much as possible. I’m greatly convinced that knowledge can change my life. Therefore, I often go to the quiet study room where many people study there. By working so hard, I get good grades in the exams.


Secondly, student activities play an important role in our college life. To be honest, the student Union is a good place where one can develop social skills, get his abilities trained. I take part in many student activities. For example, I’ m a volunteer, teaching the kids to learn to dance and write. I think it’s meaningful for everyone to give a hand to others. I can also do some jobs in the Student Union, including receiving and sending fast mail, selling papers and magazines. I think they’re unforgettable and worthwhile experiences for me.


Thirdly, I also visit the library constantly. It’s said that “shelves of books, oceans of knowledge”, so I read books that I’m interested in. In this way, I can share stories with my new friends and it also changes my horizons .When I’m sad, lost or in trouble, staying the library makes me quiet and comfortable. After all, every life has bad moments as well as good ones, and the library for me is a support in bad moments. So it’s wise choice for me to stay in the library.


Finally, I often do other things in my spare time. In order to alleviate parents’ burden, I often do some part-time jobs and write some articles to earn money. It helps me to be independent and improve my social skills.


In short, my life in university is busy but valuable. You can see that study brings me knowledge, student activities improve myself, library changes my horizons, the others things make me independent. They get all my abilities trained. And I see that the chance will come only if you have a prepared mind, so I’m sure that I can achieve my dreams in college life.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第21篇

Many years ago, as China was poor and a lot of people believed that studying abroad was a good choice for them, because they not only could get the high degree, but also could find a job in foreign countries. Now the situation has changed, and many people choose to come back to China.


According to a research, the number of students who go to study abroad is increasing since 2008, so as the number of students who return to China. It can be seem that more and more people pay attention to receive foreign education, but unlike people who decide to stay in foreign countries, now more young people have sensed the great market potential in China.


The change inspires the young generation to develop their future career at home. We are so proud that our country is becoming stronger all the time and many foreigners have come to China to seek for cooperation. What’s more, the world is crazy about learning mandarin, so as to find the chance to develop career here.


There is no doubt that China’s economy is booming and the job market is favored by the world. We need to equip ourselves with all kinds of skills.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第22篇

When students come to the university, they will treat their major as the big deal, because the major will decide their future. Most students consider the job potential when they choose the major. In my opinion, each major will have the relative job potential, it is our hard working that helps us to be successful.


As a graduate student, I have to find a job and I have got many interviews, but I haven’t found the good job, so I am still fighting for my future. I major in English, before I chose it as my major, many people told me that it was easy to find a job and I did research the information on the Internet. I made my choice, but now I realized that finding a job is easy while not for the satisfying one.


When some high school students ask my opinion about the major, my answer is the interest comes first. None of the major can promise you the promising future, you need to stand out and then you will achieve great success no matter what major you learn.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第23篇

It has always been a major concern for people that college students have difficulty in finding ideal jobs they want. Some people say that students lack of social experience and most companies are reluctant to hire graduates without practical experience. Others hold that almost all graduates think that they deserve a higher salary than their ability. From my point of view, I think students should pay attention to enrich their social experience by doing some fundamental work rather than just expecting a high salary.


First, most students are unwilling to do the most fundamental job at the very beginning. Lacking of experience is a rather significant reality for graduates. However, most graduates think that the fundamental job neither can bring them money nor benefit, so they won’t choose to do it. As a result of this, most students just miss the chance of being a potential figure in a certain field.


Second, most companies are too strict to the graduates. For example, some companies think that students without practical experience won’t conform to their position need, so they refuse the graduates at the first time. There are some companies make severe requirements for students, such as certain height, just male or female, graduate from national famous university, get certain certificate and so on. It is strange that these companies should have these conditions for students. Anyone could be a genius in a certain area, so it may be true that these companies may miss some talents.


Third, China is a country with a huge population, which leads to a rather fierce competition among students. However, limited job requirement and a great numbers of students flocking into job market at almost the same time will increase the unemployment rate of students.


In conclusion, not only the students themselves have limited ability to get a better paid job, but also, the social environment aggravates the difficulty of finding an ideal job. As a result, graduates should not only focus on improve their capacity of handling things but also learn to adjust their vision to find new chance to lead a better life.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第24篇

Mom bought me a pair of skating shoes at my fifth birthday. From then on, I developed the hobby of skating. It not only makes me stronger and stronger, but also helps me know many truths of life. I know that it is normal to fall, and if only you can get on your feet again and keep on moving, you are very good!


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第25篇

My Chinese teacher is Miss LI,she impresses me so much,the first day I see her,I like her,because she is so kind to us.

I am weak in Chinese,so I don’t like Chinese class,but Miss Li can make the class very active and funny,all the students focus their minds.

Now my Chinese improves,I owe it to Miss Li.





大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第26篇

From 20xx to 20xx, I spent my college life in Hunan First Normal College. Reminding my college life, I think it was of great significance.


When I was in college, I studied very hard. As a major of English, I often practiced my oral English. Every time, I could think in English. After thinking and expressed my thoughts to others in English. Although sometimes I couldn't speak English so freely, other people still appreciated me, because of my confidence.

我在大学的时候,很努力学习。因为是英语专业,我经常联系英语口语。 每一次,我能用英语的方式来思考。在思考之后我会把我的想法用英语表达给其他人。虽然有时我英语说得不是很流利,其他人还是很欣赏我,因为我的信心。

In English class, I was always the first one to open my mouth, so my teachers always praised me for my good pronunciation, and my classmates also admired me for my courage. It seemed as if I were on top of the world.


However, I have few chances to speak English now, because my job has nothing to do with English. What a great pity! How I wish to work with foreigners, so that I can use my great English.


——大学生英语作文带翻译 My birthday范文1份

大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第27篇

Some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks.

Which do you prefer?

Model Answer:

Form my everyday experience and observation I think that all people who succeeded in life had to work hard and gain more knowledge and experience in order to reach their goals. From the other hand, people who all their life do things they already do well and do not improve their knowledge do not move forward. I base my statement on the following points.

First of all, people who want to succeed must constantly improve their knowledge and gain more experience. Moreover, they must be the best at their profession. So, they need to try new things, take risks sometimes and work hard.

Second of all, it is impossible to live without trying new things. Imagine one wants to learn how to drive. He will never be able to do it without learning new things such as driving rules.

Personally, I think that it is very interesting to learn new, to gain more experience, to make new goals and reach them. Life is too short to stay on one place. People need changes because they make our lives more beautiful and exiting. We find out new things, learn new things and dream to know other things. People need challenges because while overcoming obstacles we make new discoveries, become stronger, perfect ourselves and move forward.

To sum up, I believe that people's aspiration for learning new things is the main reason the way we live now. People make many discoveries and inventions that make our lives easier, happier and longer.








大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第28篇

In recent years, college students find it increasingly difficult to get a job. It sounds strange since young college students are usually intelligent, well-educated and eager to bring their talent into full play. Then what underlies the strange phenomenon?

There are several reasons for this. To begin with, nowadays college students aim too high. All they want are “good” jobs which could offer good salary, comfortable working conditions, high social status among others. Consequently, most college students are unwilling to accept vacant jobs they consider not “good” enough. Another reason is that there is a big gap between the majors some students study in school and the demands of vacant jobs. So companies think some students are not fit for the jobs.

Solution to the problem requires efforts on both the society and the students. The companies should value the students, talent and knowledge while the latter should not merely aim at material gains. They should be down-to–earth in building up their career. Furthermore, they should face their weak points so as to improve themselves and be more competent.




大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第29篇

I, is a relatively weak girl, in daily life that's how I spent...

In my memory can never forget, that classmate go ice skating, looking for me I'm a little hesitant, but was they drag. Where, after they finished in shoes, and went inside, but I can't play, had to lay over in watching video to them. Play for a while, they see where I am boring, let me try, I dare not, finally in their encouragement, summon up courage to say: _play is play! Don't just play._ But really want to play, I found that very many, the pattern of the sliding a lot, really envy! After I change the shoes went in, went in and fell down. My good friend help me to get up. Then I fell down again and so fell three times in a row, I give up, not to play. When watching them play so well, so carefree, I can only envy.

That day, I walk on my way home, suddenly there is a small insect flew to me, I'll yell a _!_ Beside the man looked at me and asked me what had happened. _Bugs_. They laughed, help me get the worms. But I still afraid, always feel that bug is still in his body, all morning I am not feeling well.

I am a weak girl, I envy those who brave man, do not afraid of anything, I should give yourself some courage!






大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第30篇

As our students, we also have to face with much pressure, such as the study pressure, exam pressure,relationship pressure and so on. But how can we cope with pressure? This is the most important.

Firstly, we should face the pressure appropriately. Pressure is inevitable in our daily life, so we can't be afraid of them and try our best to cope with them. Secondly, tell our pressure to others. Talking is a very effective way to ease pressure, and during the talking, we may get some suggestions and solutions. Finally, trust ourselves. We should believe ourselves that we can deal with any troubles by ourselves or by others' help.




大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第31篇

Nowadays, more and more university graduates complain that graduation does not equate to employment. They experience great difficulties finding satisfactory jobs. What is the cause of this phenomenon.


In my opinion, there are four causes:


First, graduates lack experience. They spend most of their time at school studying academic subjects and lack relevant job training. Only after graduation do they realize it’s hard to find jobs.


Second, competition among graduates grows more bitter and more bitter and bitter. The supply of university graduates exceeds social demand. This results in a decreased chance for any individual graduate to find a job.


Third, some students don’t study hard. Some of them skip classes just because they have no interest in certain subjects. Some play computer games or pursue other interests. Some sleep in class or in the library. Then they leave the sheltered environment of the university campus, to discover they don’t have adequate knowledge to apply for many positions, which makes them feel lost and frustrated.


Finally, some graduates are conceited. They lack experience but ask for a high salary, which is impractical.


So, university students should try their best to change this situation. When they are in school, they should make the most of their time and put their heart into their studies. They can hold part-time jobs in their spare time to accumulate relevant work experience. They should take part in some social activities and provide themselves with special training, if possible. When they graduate and apply for jobs, they should attach more importance to accumulating experience than to their starting salary.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第32篇

As is shown in the first picture, on a mountain of university tiredly climbs a college student, almost finishing his journey in the university, and awkwardly and surprisingly finding that he has to climb another much higher mountain -- hunting a job, bus as is shown below, in front of a post board for recruiting government officials stand an ocean of people, with only one in front of the board for hiring waiter. There has been a heated discussion about these pictures recently in the newspaper. Simple as the pictures are , they do demonstrate certain thought-provoking social phenomenon.


The pictures tell us the issue of hunting jobs for college students is increasingly and seriously important in current days. What’s more , individuals, organizations and even the whole society have been attaching due attention to this issue. On one hand, when facing the pressure of finding a job, students are struggling painfully. The burden can cause not only depression but also anxiety and such problems as isolation and solitude. One’s thought , creative thinking and exploration spirit, therefore, have been stifled by pursing measurable high scores and various certificates when confronting this harsh reality. On the other hand , that college students fail to change the conventional view on jobs and to adapt their goals to the reality deepens this problem. Were there no prompt and proper solution to this problem, never would we taste the happiness of the harmonious society.


What should be done to reverse this situation? For one thing, instead of just earning their degrees and high exam scores, college students are expected to cultivate their potentials such as creation, imagination and coordination. Such qualities, though cannot be measured by their college certificates, really matter in their prospective career. For another thing, the educational institutions are supposed to integrate more practical training in their programs so that more netpetent college graduates can be produced for our society. Above all, the new awareness that all jobs are equal in dignity and that fame and excellence can be reached at any occupation should be promoted in the whole society.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第33篇

University is the place where dreams begin; in order not to make this dream fail at graduation, we must plan and spend college life with a mindset that we start with. University is also the most concentrated period in our life, which can take advantages and avoid weaknesses, which can be torn away for a long time. So if his university is obscure and indifferent, he will not really understand the meaning and function of University. Because once the passion of youth is lost, it will never be found, so the university must and do it and cherish it.

A university is the beginning of the other three years of university is an important year, so the first step to enter university to go to the other, so that it can lay the foundation for three years, I believe as long as the time step, can be increased step by step, step by step. All because of _dream sail!_

Less than that, the university is another new starting point for our life. It is the University of real significance. It is the most important journey of every fortunate university student. This route is composed of three broad steps and numerous thin brick tiles, which is our young and cold youth. However, how to deal with the first step of the University. The big one is now each just entering college students thinking, the feelings of regret.

The first is the beginning of the good end, but also the sign of the end. The great one is the same as many of our circumstances, only once, and the beginning of this is that it has the influence of winning and even the meaning of the decision.

There is an essential difference between a university and a high school. Here, you will find that you are more free, more dominant, and completely control your life. Because of this, we are more likely to be confused and easier to lose our direction. Sometimes we don't know what we are pursuing.

The goal of life is the navigation mark of the road of life, and it is the motive force of the progress of life. After losing my time for a long time, I initially established my university's aim of struggle by communicating with senior students and communicating with teachers. I decided to be a compound talent with high ideological awareness, good psychological quality, good professional skills and strong ability to work through three years of college study. This is also a requirement for college students in the new century.

The goal is established, and our students have regained a constant source of motivation. Because I am very interested in English, I have English as a breakthrough to improve oral English ability, I get rid of the bad habit of sleeping in, every morning in the campus to read English loudly, __ Crazy English Greeting of every tree and bush. Through hard work, academic achievements have been gradually improved.

College life is a long way of life, and it is also a piece of music of the song of life. This passage, even short, is long, and the movement may be beautiful and sad. Although my college life has just begun, I believe it will be full of happiness.

Finally, I am here to wish you all the best to work together, to make progress together, to accumulate more experience, and to make a better way for you.










大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第34篇

Healthy eating is important for us in our daily life.

Food can give us energy and hg elp us build up our body. How should we eat to be healthier?

First we should have enough clean food each meal.

Second it's important to keep a balanced diet. Third we should have a regular meal.

I'm sure we will all be healthy one day!





大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第35篇

To be frank,the university life is not only the period for us to learn the professional knowledge,but also the period for us to develop our comprehensive we can make full use of thus period,we wont treat it as a waste of time and we do have learnt a result,we are able to get use to society with active attitude,creating our own value of life and making contribution to our country.

Maybe,one is not able to adapt to the university life for its completely different from the high school life in which we must take at eight classes,not including the morning and evening individual are always large quantity of school work waiting us to are easy to feel tired even we enter the university,things start to greatly have more free time to learn what we want to,such as taking part in various activities,reading in the library.



大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第36篇

One sunday afternoon when I was learning to ride my bike, I fell down and hurt my arms badly. As soon as my parents heard this, they took me to the hospital at once.

During my stay in bed, they took good care of me and cheered me up. Meanwhile, they helped me with my lessons. With their help, I caught up with my classmates. Now i'll try my best to study well to repay my parents.




大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第37篇




高中生有如此觉悟,令人感动又欣慰,未雨绸缪,想必已经做好了人生规划,当下考出好的成绩 ,一步步去走,脚踏实地,端正学习态度,不被其他信息影响,也不完全排斥,学生了很强的明辨能力,相信一定能做好自己的人生规划。




大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第38篇

My father is responsible for the work, treats people the enthusiasm, it makes me feel very proud. But he could get into the habit of smoking. I hate father and mother are the most smell of smoke! So, I secretly determined to help dad to quit smoking.

Start I want to, scold him, make him feel embarrassed, maybe he will give up smoking. But which has children scold father ah, somebody else would laugh at me, even said I unfilial. So I hesitated, as I hesitated, suddenly think: my father not to their own children to take an examination of? I can use the results to help him to give up smoking. That's settled, I secretly determined. Discussed with dad, I'm hard to learn. Everything comes to him who waits, after a phase of efforts. I finally in a unit exam out of the good grades - optimal points. I can't wait to show it to the father, father saw said: _I don't smoke anymore._ You don't think he will change, don't! One evening, I eat a meal, suddenly smell a smell of smoke. I glanced at dad, frowned, and sure enough that I expected, dad smoke up again. Ah! As the saying goes, __ a leopard cannot move, but never his nature! It's true. I ran towards my father said, _father ah, you don't promise me, later don't smoke, how to speak not count?_ I said, ye said his dad's arms. Heard my this sentence, dad shuffled put out your cigarette, helplessly say: _good good, I took you for a long time._ Looking at dad is correct, I bewick.

But no smoke smell in my disappear, father often contain smoke up to. This how line? So, I was determined to help dad technetium completely give up smoking. In the next few days, I am busy as a bee. In the end, I know that chewing gum to quit smoking, so my mother to come there for some money, bought a box of _green arrow chewing gum, wrapped in paper, write the_ sugar _quitting. To write a letter, this letter to express the emotion I wanted dad to quit smoking. In the evening, I put the letter to my father, together with the _quit smoking sugar_ I do not know how to wear, a few days later, my father didn't have a smoke. From then on, hate the smell of smoke in my house is gone! I'm so happy. Because I have a mistakes can change good father!





大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第39篇

As the pace of modern life continues to quicken,many people are in the habit of rushing through admit that stress seems to be on the increase all the certain degree of stress is beneficial to us,but too much stress is certainly harmful,and sometimes may even harmful to our health and it is necessary to know how to reduce stress.


There are many ways that can help us solve this problem,but the following may be the most to come to terms with 't set a goal that is too high because there are many things in this world that are beyond your to be content to go as far as you to come to terms with the world around 't try to change other people or other are people and things in this world that you can do nothing learn to accept 't be too interested in material things and don't try to _keep up with the Joneses._Don't harbor any jealousy,vanity or resentment to satisfied with what you in touch with your with them,share with them your happiness and will help to make you feel better.


These are not necessarily the only ways to solve the problem,and it is my hope that everyone can reduce the too much stress in his work and study and live a relaxed happy life.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第40篇

Miss Wang is my English teacher. She looks very 's about thirty years old, she has long hair,two big eyes and small mouth. She is funny , but she is strict with us. She wants us to study hard, Her lessons are interesting. We are very happy in her class and we all like her lessons. She is a good teacher, we all like her.


大学生就业英语作文带翻译 第41篇

New life begins! I've been expecting this moment for a long become a college student .

All good things must come to an end ! I am now apart from my family members and many good am awared that I will have to do everything on my own .

Being responsible is the exact thing that I am supposed to think about! I'm now dealing something responsibly with my new enjoy being together with them,they just like my good friends in high school,being kind and thoughtful !

My college is a place for a new beginning ,I'm sure I'm taking a new life ,everything here is full of challenge,quite different from things in high school,teachers are not going to tell you exactly what you are going to do ,you will have to make your own decisions.

So far,I'm geting along so well with people aroud me ,college provides me with chances and challenge,I'm going to make a difference to my life!And I have every confidence on will still have to move on......