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Digital Records Management has been in document management since 1998. We offer complete solutions for document and record management. Our services include document scanning (legal documents, medical records, books, catalogs, manuals and photographs) for conversion to CD-ROM or DVD, developers of document scanning software, factory authorized sales of high-volume Fujitsu document scanners, secure and confidential shredding and recycling services, duplication of CD-ROMs and DVDs, and conversion of microfilm and microfiche to CD-ROM or DVD. We use the most advanced document scanning technology to convert your data to a more convenient, accessible and flexible format.

Imagine having access to your media while you are on the phone, at home or on the road. With the services of Digital Records Management, you can retrieve information immediately without searching through endless stacks of paper or file cabinets. Just insert a CD-ROM or DVD, type in the name of the file you want and your data is instantly available to you or your client. We call this, "The Paperless Solution". You and your work force can have immediate access to documents that were formerly lost or stored in expensive facilities. Your files are indexed to your specifications and conveniently stored on a CD-ROM or DVD. Our constant search for new and innovative document management solutions led us to develop our "Online File Cabinet". Contact us for a free consultation today.

Your options are open with Digital Records Management. We can pick up your documents and scan them off-site, or scan your documents at your facility or deliver equipment to you and train your staff how to use it. We know document scanning hardware inside-out so let us know your needs and we'll get the right hardware in your hands. Digital Records Management has developed a software application to ensure that you find the document you need when you need it.

Convert your catalogs, manuals, books, blueprints, depositions to CD-ROM or DVD

Do you want your manuals and catalogs transferred to a format that is compact and accessible virtually anywhere? Digital Records Management will convert books, contracts, checks, training manuals, deeds and time cards to CD-ROM for easy access and convenience. Get libraries of manuals into the hands of your field work force with shipping costs as little as $1.50. Your data on a CD-ROM will lower your shipping costs, eliminate your storage costs and reduce your reproduction costs. Digital Records Management can put an entire mailer together for you. We will create a package that will look great and the content will be as clear and easy to read as the original. Read what our clients say.

Convert your photographs, artwork, maps to CD-ROM or DVD

Do you have valuable photos that you would like to store on CD-ROM? We can make copies of your photos and put them on CD-ROM and you will never have to worry about losing your priceless pictures again. If you are interested in one back up copy or a dozen for your family and friends, please contact us. Since CD-ROM players come standard on nearly every computer made, any picture (color or black & white) can be digitally reproduced in a format that is accessible almost anywhere and it will look great for years to come. Forget about dragging out the projector, we can convert all of your old family slides. For your next special event, have all of your vintage family portraits ready for everyone to enjoy and pass them down from generation to generation.

Entertainment industry services

Stand apart from the crowd with your video promo on DVD. Put all of your photos on a CD-ROM so hiring professionals can see your face when they are at their desk making decisions. You will find that your reproduction costs will be lower than ever before.


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